Chalk & warm grey abstract art print | wall decor | Enkel Art Studio
Chalk & warm grey abstract art print | wall decor | Enkel Art Studio
Chalk & warm grey abstract art print | wall decor | Enkel Art Studio
Chalk & warm grey "Ithemba Rainbow"

Chalk & warm grey "Ithemba Rainbow"

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Chalk & Warm Grey "Ithemba" Abstract Art Print

Add some Japandi style to your home with this abstract art print. The subdued color palette and curved lines of this wall art will promote a sense of calm and peace in your home. Handmade by us in our studio in the Netherlands, this one of a kind print celebrates the simplicity and craftsmanship of Japandi design. Just like “wabi-sabi,” a Japanese term meaning to find beauty in imperfection, our prints bear all the signs of our creative process. You should therefore expect to see some irregularities and beautiful surprises in our works. The beauty is in the imperfections, right?

For an elegant look, why not hang two monoprints side by side in your dining room? If there is a doorway leading to your kitchen, you could hang each print on either side of the door to mirror one another. It is all about creating balance and harmony. You can also play around with shades, adopt a neutral palette or go for a bolder statement with vibrant colors.

Handmade monoprint

  • Size: 50x70 cm
  • Material: acrylic paint on 240 grams paper
  • Unframed
  • Signed by hand on the back, indicating it is an original and one-off piece (edition 1/1)
  • Free shipping to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe!

“Enkel” means only in Dutch. Every monoprint we make is one of a kind and hand-pulled from our printing plate. Handmade in Holland for sure! We build up our prints with several layers of acrylic paint.

Only a part of our printing process can be controlled. The result is often a surprise to us! We will keep on adding layers until we are satisfied with the way a print looks. On the monoprint you will encounter different structures and an occasional fingerprint or paint splatter.

Are you looking for a great frame for your monoprint? We offer beautiful frames that are handmade to order in the Netherlands by a frame maker. We ship our monoprints worldwide. Frames can only be shipped within the Netherlands.

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