Hoxton Blush "Narangi" (framed)

Hoxton Blush "Narangi" (framed)

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Blush "Narangi"

This monoprint is showcased in our solo exposition, in the Hoxton Hotel in Amsterdam. If this print has written your name all over it, you can make sure it is yours and purchase it through our webshop. We will guard the work with our life until you come pick it up on October 30th.

    Handmade monoprint

    • Size: 50x70 cm
    • Material: acrylic paint on 240 grams paper
    • Framed in a strong and elegant wood veneer frame with clarity glass
    • Signed by hand on the back, indicating it is an original and one-off piece (edition 1/1)
    • Can be picked up at the Hoxton Hotel on October 30th (on appointment).
      Send us a message in case you really need to collect your purchase at an earlier moment. We can see if there is something we can do for you.

    “Enkel” means only in Dutch. Every monoprint we make is one of a kind and hand-pulled from our printing plate. Handmade in Holland for sure! We build up our prints with several layers of acrylic paint.

    Only a part of our printing process can be controlled. The result is often a surprise to us! We will keep on adding layers until we are satisfied with the way a print looks. On the monoprint you will encounter different structures and an occasional fingerprint or paint splatter.

    Contact us if you have any questions!