Indigo "Bogolanfini"

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Our "Bogolanfini'' monoprints are inspired by mud cloth textile patterns from Mali. Bogolanfini fabric is traditionally dyed with fermented mud. We adore / would like to pay a tribute to these centuries old craftsmanship.

Handmade print

  • Size: 50x70 cm 

  • Material: acrylic paint on 240 grams paper

  • Unframed

  • Signed by hand on the back, indicating it is an original and one-off piece (edition 1/1)

  • Packaged with love and mailed to you in a solid cardboard box or tube.

This monoprint is made by Marijn and Esther. “Mono” means “one”. Check out the detailed photo to see for yourself that every print has its own individual textures and character. When you have the artwork in your hands, you can feel the different paint structures and layers! 

The handmade art piece is a unique addition to your treasure collection. Contact us if you could use some assistance in curating art that suits you and your interior!

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