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Enkelartstudio-roller-handmade colourfull art for gallerywall Enkelartstudio-roller-handmade colourfull art for gallerywall

What is monoprinting?

We’ll show you our unique making process

Handprinted original artwork

Every print is unique and has its own
structures, layers and character.
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Meet Marijn and Esther, the printmakers behind Enkel Art Studio. And leave us a message, we'd like to meet you too!

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You are at the right place to shop handmade prints and find affordable art online! Whether you have a bohemian lifestyle or are looking for minimal art, you’ll find something to make a statement in your interior.

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What is monoprinting?

‘Enkel’ is Dutch for only, every artwork is unique. The Enkel effect is created by a special printing technique that does not allow exact repeat prints.

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