Meet the printmaking artists of Enkel Art Studio

We are two friends and printmakers called Esther and Marijn, lovely to meet you! We enjoy playing with shape and colour. For us there is value in craft(wo)manship, unique and original artwork and affordable art. That’s why we started our collaboration called Enkel Art Studio in 2020. Forget mass production. With us you find locally produced, one of a kind and handmade posters.

All you need is art

Aren't we all just always looking for amazing items to spice up our interior? We hope you stumble upon us on your quest to find original art online. Whether you are just getting started on your art collection, looking to make a vibrant statement or giving your interior a personal touch; our dream is to enable you to effortlessly add something colourful, original and outspoken to your space.

Ready to browse some abstract art for your living room, kitchen or bedroom? We have yet to come up with a space in our interiors that doesn’t deserve amazing wall decoration.

What is monoprinting?

Enkel means 'only’ or ‘single' in Dutch. We designed a special printing technique that does not allow exact reprints. It is even impossible for us to make two identical art posters! Our work is very intuitive and takes twists and turns of its own. On the monoprint artwork you might even find a spontaneous fingerprint or a splash of paint. Let our printmaking process with acrylic paint, paper and a printing plate surprise you time and time again. Read more about the monoprinting process here.


How we roll

Inspiration comes from the everyday things in our lives. Like thrift shopping, nature and growing and cooking good food. We like to get out of our comfort zones as well, travel the world and meet different people, places, smells, shapes and shades. A spicy curry, an oversized 80s coat and repainting our living room over and over again make us happy.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, give us a shout! We are happy to help if you could use some assistance in finding an original artwork that suits you and your interior.

Love, Marijn + Esther


Hello you, I am Esther Rozendal! My creative side was something I took for granted. I realised I mostly used it for practical purposes, for example by making our house a home. But there is also power in creating, just for the sake of it. When I could take that to heart, my love for fashion, interior, colour and shape found an outlet in drawings, sketches and paintings. These are the basis for some of the Enkel Art Studio monoprints I started making with Marijn.

“There is power in creating, just for the sake of it” 

Making the world a fair place is something I try to keep in mind whatever I do. Before the Enkel Art Studio adventure I worked with different international development cooperation agencies on poverty issues.  From a young age I have traveled, lived abroad and experienced how life is for different kinds of people on this amazing planet. Being part of a community is important to me. I am part of a happy family of four, my husband and I are parents to two wonderful daughters.

I love to go explore the width and depth of art. From enjoying the creations of my kids to photographing street art across the globe. And visiting musea to savour the work of the old masters and of contemporary popular artists.

Every day I’m amazed that we can make beautiful things. It’s just the best to see that our handmade prints find a beautiful home.

Hello you, I am Marijn Vink! A question people often ask Esther and myself is: "Did you study art school?" I studied arts in Utrecht, after that I worked as a print and pattern designer for several interior brands. I am fascinated by clashing colour combinations, patterns and shapes. Making is in my blood. I love to explore new art techniques and can’t rest to make them my own. My brain is always exploding with new ideas.

“Making is in my blood”
I am a mom of two amazing girls. As a family we travel all over the world. We want our kids to experience there is no need to have fear for the unknown. And maybe even more importantly, to show them how similar we all are. During my travels I love to collect small collections of treasures made by artisans. Such as interior items, jewellery or fashion. All those memories, colours and amazing places inspire the Enkel Art Studio artworks and our Instagram feed.

I have a constant urge to collect inspirational images, shapes and colours. I am so happy I have found a way to channel all this energy and beauty, and share it with you.

Drop us a message if you have a question or when you could use some advice in curating artwork that suits you and your interior!

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