Light Bronze (Matte) Frame

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To us, these are the perfect frames. We love the sleek 9 mm thick frame because it looks subtle and chic. The frame is made of strong aluminium.

"Light Bronze" is a soft metal shade with a warm beige undertone and a matte finish. "White Gold" has a more yellow undertone.

You can order a frame in the exact size of your print. The frames fit our monoprints like a glove and it is easy to do the framing at home. It has a special hanging system that makes it possible to hang a print the way you like. A great advantage because our prints have no official up- or downside.

Clarity glass or museum glass gives you the impression there is no glass in the frame at all. Regular glass has the effect of a mirror, and gives you less connection with the work in the frame.

Museum glass has a coating that gives UV protection and is anti-reflective. We recommend choosing this special glass to get the best possible connection with the monoprint behind it. For the 70x100 size we only sell museum glass.

When you order a frame, it will be handmade in the Netherlands. Then it is shipped to you directly from the framemakers. You will get an email with the shipping information. There are no shipping costs for the frames. 

Please note: we currently only sell frames to customers based in the Netherlands.

After you have received your monoprint from us and its frame from the framemakers it is time for framing. Don't forget to take a close look at your monoprint and feel the paint textures before you put it inside the frame. 

Contact us if you are looking for the best match between your monoprint and a frame or if you have other questions!

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