Boho wall art ideas | gallery wall | Enkel Art Studio
Boho wall art ideas | gallery wall | Enkel Art Studio
Boho wall art ideas | gallery wall | Enkel Art Studio
Earthy "Ithemba Rainbow"

Earthy "Ithemba Rainbow"

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Earthy "Ithemba" Wall Art Ideas

Are you an aspiring art collector in search of new wall art ideas? Look no further than Enkel Art Studio for one of a kind prints made of layers of acrylic paint. This large blush print against a terracotta background is the perfect statement piece to breathe new life into the lonely walls of your staircase. Revamp your home design with some minimalist art that is handmade!

A staircase sees a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, so why not make it an exciting sight to see? Give your empty walls a little personality by hanging a single print or arranging several monoprints together into a gallery wall. For a boho look, pair this earthy print with a more vibrant “Ithemba” print. Hallways are ideal for playing around with different colors and textures. Let your imagination run wild!

Handmade monoprint

  • Size: 50x70 cm
  • Material: acrylic paint on 240 grams paper
  • Unframed
  • Signed by hand on the back, indicating it is an original and one-off piece (edition 1/1)
  • Free shipping to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe!

“Enkel” means only in Dutch. Every monoprint we make is one of a kind and hand-pulled from our printing plate. Handmade in Holland for sure! We build up our prints with several layers of acrylic paint.

Only a part of our printing process can be controlled. The result is often a surprise to us! We will keep on adding layers until we are satisfied with the way a print looks. On the monoprint you will encounter different structures and an occasional fingerprint or paint splatter.

Are you looking for a great frame for your monoprint? We offer beautiful frames that are handmade to order in the Netherlands by a frame maker. We ship our monoprints worldwide. Frames can only be shipped within the Netherlands.

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